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If it has to do with trees and shrubs, you can bet that we can help you out. From trimming and pruning to entire tree removal services, ALLEY's TREE SERVICE has the experience to get the job done in the HAMPTON ROADS area. We are well known and respected for our dependable service, a leader in customer service and satisfaction when it comes to tree service and landscape assistance.

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning and removal of dead, weakened, or diseased branches will prolong the health of your tree and improve its appearance.

  • Pruning young trees removes structural defects and helps optimize their structure for future and long-term growth.
  • Maturing trees are generally pruned for shape, clearance, and to thin the canopy.
  • Older trees are often pruned to remove deadwood and reduce hazards.

Overall, structural pruning is one of the best things you can do for your tree.

ALLEY's TREE SERVICE arborists are experts in pruning and have extensive experience. We climb trees using the latest techniques and do not use spurs to ascend your trees unless doing a complete removal.

Shrub Pruning

Proper pruning of ornamental shrubs and hedges will improve the health, appearance and value of your landscape.

Hazardous Tree Assessment

Do you have high-risk or potentially hazardous trees growing on your property? ALLEY's TREE SERVICE can recommend the proper course of care and action. When providing a tree assessment, we take time to climb each tree and thoroughly examine its base, trunk and canopy. Photographic documentation of problem areas can be provided if you wish to record disease or weakness, or keep visual records of its progress over time.

Tree Removal

Dead or structurally unsound trees are a hazard and need to be removed. ALLEY's TREE SERVICE can help you eliminate safety and liability issues on your residential property. Keep in mind that selective removal of trees in congested and overgrown areas increases the health of remaining trees, allowing them better space to grow.

Tree Inventories

How many trees are on your property? How is their health? Prevent potential accidents and plan ahead. Our experts can provide you with accurate reports and photographic documentation of problem areas can be provided from the base to the canopy.

Lot Clearing or Selective Clearing

Clearing trees and brush for homebuilding or additions, pool installations and new landscaping. The stumps can be cut flush to ground or completely removed.

Home Staging

A well-pruned property (trees, shrubs, or hedges) wilt increase curb appeal and let potential buyers know that your property is well cared for.

Worried about clean-up?

Extra care is given to protect hard and soft landscaping on your property. When we leave you will hardly notice we were there.